A remodelling and extension to an Edwardian terrace house located within a conservation area, in Hammersmith, London. This three bedroom two storey house was in a decrepit state and in need of considerable refurbishment and modernisation. The client asked for a contemporary design and functionality and he also expressed the desire to be able to perceive the garden as a continuation of the domestic space rather than ‘the outdoor’. The concept driving the whole design is a 30° twist that allows physical and perceptive overlapping between the indoor and the outdoor spaces that dramatically improves the natural lighting into the house.

In terms of spatial composition, there are two driving forces that compete and finally coexist: the kitchen-living area expands and transforms the external landscape, whilst the natural vegetation surrounds and perceptively invades the domestic space through the frameless glass skylight and open façade. The angle facilitates the overlap between the garden and kitchen thresholds - so whilst at the sink you feel the garden is actually behind you.  This conceptual idea is manifest in the details of the faceted zinc facade and the floating external deck, being cut back to a fine angled edge.

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